power napping

My job is currently winding down, after all I’ve only got 12 working days left until I leave an start my new job. As a result I’m doing less and less coding at work (i.e none), which is just as you would expect it, but this is having a negative knock on effect to my post work day.

When work isn’t occupying my mind, I end up getting all creatively deprived, which means at night I am desperate to do something creative, and as I’m a programmer that usually means write code. That’s how this website started, and the library happened, and to some extent poopcell was born*. The problem is I get up at 6:30 in the morning, which means by the time everyone is fed and the baby is in bed it’s 7:30 at night, a whole 13 hours and a working day since I got up; I’m just to tired to get into the zone.

So tonight once Daisy was in bed I had a 45 minute nap, It’s not as drastic as polyphasic sleeping or anything, but it’s a start, and I do feel much fresher now (if still a bit rambly), all I need do now is actually have an idea as to what to create…

*poopcell was as much about being creative, as it was a place to hide from the stress of the wedding planning. Ruth ran to SimCity and I wrote poopcell.