New Keyboard.

There is no real excuse to use the new keyboard, but I just wanted to type a little bit and see how cool it was, besides it’s a compact keyboard, which means it will probably take a little getting use to, for one the delete key is in quite a strange place. All the way over there in the top corner. And home, end page up and page down are all in this condensed line down the side next to the slightly truncated return key. It’s not like I chose a compact keyboard, but it seems it’s is nearly impossible to buy a standard keyboard, with a USB connection for anything approaching the price you would expect. At least it would seem that is the case in high street shops. So in the end I’ve gotten this rather stylish white keyboard with blue lights, and a slightly compact style, which is why I started this rather pointless prose so I could type, because it turns out when your just surfing the t’internet, and reading your email you don’t type much. It’s like when you get a new pen and you just start writing pointless sentences like, “this is a nice pen” and signing your name over and over. Anyway, it turns out that this is a nice keyboard, and typing a paragraph or so of stupid prose has brought me to the conclusion, that I like it, and I will get use to the delete key.