Drugged up daisy.

Daisy’s come out with a nasty rash over the last couple of days, so we’ve been the doctors twice. Yesterday the rash wasn’t to bad, so the doctor just gave us something to treat a nappy rash that might have been causing the rest of the rash. Then for most of yesterday and last night, it spread, so this morning we returned to the doctors, who gave us baby piriton. And already after just one dose it’s started to go down a bit.

Just as well really, because Dasiy is not best pleased by it, part of her body’s reaction appears to be a soaring temperature, so calpol is keeping that in check, which is making it at least tolerable, this morning at breakfast it all became to much for her, and we needed a good ten minute hugging before we could even contemplate starting the day.

1 thought on “Drugged up daisy.

  1. Unluck daisy mate, I had issues this morning as well and needed a 3 min hug to get going, when you’re 27 you might be able to ration yourself down to this, something to aim for, keep on keepin on.

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