Death by a thousand meetings

I’m on the final run in to the end of my job, just 8 working days to go. A leaving present? Thousands of meetings (ok not thousands but lots), and gosh is it tiring.

Last week I was on holiday, and I was full of beans, cleaning the house, washing the dishes right after tea. I’ve been back at work two days now, and I’m knackered, you don’t realize the mental effort work takes out of you. Staring at computer screens isn’t great, and being asked to stay awake for 2 hours in a very warm meeting room, is equivalent to sleep deprivation if you ask me.

I think I might be reaching the point where I need to increase my amount of exercise, we noticed this last time, I started coming to work on my bike, the exercise actually made me less tired for the duration of the day. Ruth ofcouse thinks I’m a freak; but given how tired work appears to be making me, and the fact that I start a new job in three weeks. I think it could be time next week to break out the WD40 again.

1 thought on “Death by a thousand meetings

  1. Hey, you may be a freak, but I’ve always been in favour of your cycling to work. I don’t understand WHY more exercise makes you less tired, but you’re much less annoying that way, so go for it.

    Mind you, it seems like a dreadful waste of an annual season ticket for the train, if that’s the plan…

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