Well I’ve done my democratic duty, so I can spend the rest of the day being smug. Living in the low turn out ward in the lowest turn out constituency should me my vote counts for more. In reality I don’t think it does, but still I vote.

I’m a firm believer in compulsory voting, as long as there is a “non of the above box” on the ballot paper. That way the politians can stop deluding them selves that people don’t care about politics and get the reality that people are disillusioned with it.

This year I found it quite difficult to choose who to vote for, mainly because I haven’t been presented with enough information to make an informed choice. The spend at lot of time on the news telling me how national issues shouldn’t change local votes, but if all the main party’s do I slag eachother off over national issues I don’t see how they expect me to make a local choice. Along with compulsory voting, maybe we need compulsory issues, that all the party’s have to talk about, and for local elections theses could be…… Local.

political fairness… Just like the beeb here is a list of canidates in our ward. Result later….

  • BUCKLE,Linda Jane – Liberal Democrat Focus Team
  • HELM,Christopher David – The Labour Party Candidate
  • MCDONALD,Giselle Henrietta Petra – Conservative Party Candidate
  • MCVEY,Louise Maria – Green Party
  • O’BRIEN, David – Liberal Party – Stop Demolishing – Start Renovating