6 years, 11 months, 2 weeks

Today is my last day working for Liverpool John Moores University (ahhhhh), but on Monday I start work for Liverpool City Council (yippieee), and while I like the idea of it; It is not true that I will only work for places with Liverpool in the title.

It does feel all a bit anticlimactic really, I mean yes I’m sure they are going to have the gathering gaggle of people in the middle of the floor, followed by a few awkward words from Jim, and then people will expect me to say something profound and/or heartfelt, but I am sure I should feel a bit more emotional than I do.

Maybe it just hasn’t sunken in yet; Next week when its been a few days and I haven’t heard the words blackboard or Athens uttered in anger then it will sink in. I’m under no illusion that working for the council will come with it’s own set of unique politics, but at least they will be new politics.

Ruth is a bit worried that I don’t seem at all excited by the prospect of my new job, and in truth so am I, but as I’ve said, it’s probably because it hasn’t actually dawned on me yet that as of today I won’t work in the university any more.