bye bye cruel (jmu) world*

I’ve left JMU now, we did have the awkward leaving gathering in the middle of the floor, where loads of people came (Friday afternoon, nice stroll to the fifth floor). Stuart did the leaving speech thing, which he does much better than Jim. Summing up my 9 years; he counts the placement year and the bit in-between, which I suppose you should if you’re being honest as to how long you’ve been there, it turns out a good summary of my career at JMU can be told in 5 stories

  • I had an incredibly badly written placement CV, but they gave me the job anyway
  • In my interview for my ‘real’ job, I was asked to identify earl gray tea bags from a lineup and I got it wrong!, but they gave me the job anyway.
  • Stuart and I had a phase of going the ‘gym’ which in reality was the bar above the gym, playing pool.
  • Stuart claims I poisoned him the time I introduced him to Vodka and Red Bull in the 147 in town.
  • during my life at JMU I didn’t take things like stationary, I took the head of CWIS.

It was quite emotional, and yes I did have to hold it back (I am a bloke!). I do think I will miss the place but now is the weekend to look forward. I have a new job on Monday must get excited! I will get all university sick in a week or two.

oh and I got loads of gift vouchers, so tomorrow I can go replace my busted digital camera, thanks, everyone!

*Jmu World was the name of the news section of the website for quite a long time, you had to be there really.