First day of the new job,

It turns out changing jobs is a bigger wrench than I gave it credit. It’s been a long day, mainly because on your first day there is very little to do beyond reading, and that can make the day go on. Of course in your more silent moments you think about how much of your life has just changed; which can make you a ‘bit’ sad, and you think was all the upheaval worth it, but looking back you do have the rose tinted glasses on; and you have to remind yourself of that.

All that said, I don’t want you thinking I don’t like my new job, it’s just very soon. It turns out I need a short period of mourning first for the passing of the other job I had the whole of my adult life*. People did ask if I was going to have a break between them, and given how much holiday I’d taken I did think I needed the rest. But maybe I needed the gap to come to terms with moving on (not that I would have, because I would have just been on holiday), or maybe I just need to go to my new job for more than one day*, and get to know new people, and do new stuff.

*I’m in a emphasis kind of place, I need to remind myself that’s all

3 thoughts on “First day of the new job,

  1. Having recently changed jobs myself I can empathise with how you are feeling – you’ve gone from knowing your old job inside out, feeling so comfy and familiar about everything, to being the new boy, in unfamiliar surroundings, having to ask where everything is etc……and it’s not nice! It does get better as the days go by and things become more familiar – just hang in there! Always remember too, that you must have wanted to leave your old job for some reason, however trivial it feels at present!

  2. It’s all true. I keep getting flashbacks to when I was eight years old and we moved house – at the end of day one at the new school, my sister and I burst into floods of tears all over my mum, and told her it was awful, terrible, horrible, and we hated it. But it wasn’t that we’d been in that state all day – it was as much that we’d spent the day suppressing all the emotions.

    You’ll be fine, darling, and even if turns out to be a rubbish job, you got a fantastic leaving present, and you can always look for another one. You’ve proved, now, that you’re someone people want to employ.

    *big hugs*

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