More days at my job

I’m a bit less flooply about the whole new job thing now. I’m still floopy but a lot less so, the whole fish out of water thing is definitely part of it, and that is starting to subside now, what with me actually managing to write some code today.

Of course it’s all going to change very soon, it looks like we are as a team about to move buildings. This is both a good and a bad thing, it’s a bad thing because we are moving out of the lovely grade II* listed building into another one of Liverpool 60’s office blocks. However it’s a good thing because the whole team will be in one office not one and a little alcove which is where I am at the moment; and the whole moving office thing will shuffle things about a bit, one of the things I’m a bit worried about in the new office is being off in a corner, with not much chance to bond. Hopefully an office move will remove that problem.