We Went the Chocolate Factory

I had a birthday surprise, a trip to Cadbury World! And dispute there being no chocolate river, or any (visible) umpalumpas, we had a loads of fun.

It’s a hard thing to live upto a chocolate factory tour, after all everybody loves chocolate and everybody’s seen at least one of the Charlie and Chocolate Factory Films. The tour is basically an attempt to tell you how Cadbury’s came about, and how chocolate is made, and it does both of them.

When you look back you don’t get an awful lot of chocolate, but the factory smells so chocolaty, I think you absorb some through your skin, so by the end when you emerge into the shop (all good tours end in the shop) you don’t go (to) mad buying chocolate, I got myself a new mug for work.

the best bit for me was the advert room, with all the old adverts on, and the children’s discovery room which is quite cool too (probably more so if you’re a child). Oh and the cafe does the worlds best hot chocolate, and they have the worlds biggest Cadbury’s shop (not however selling the world’s biggest Cadbury’s chocolate bar)

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