Job update

Well this Monday was definitely better than last.

It takes time to adjust to new surroundings, and last week was just a bit of a shock really. I have to admit I was worried about today, what with a whole weekend having gone by and me not really having settled in, but in the end I think it went ok.

The whole thing was helped on by a morning of meetings, which actually is quite a good way to start a Monday morning, especially when you are new; and now I have some work to get stuck into and a PC that actually works at what I need to do, the day went quite well.

Having work is the most important part I think (after knowing where the toilets are!) It gives your mind something to focus on, as opposed to just worrying about strange surroundings. Also actually doing starts to remove the anxiety about whether or not you can do, which is something I always get hung up about. If any one ever asks me that question about what are your weaknesses again, I will have to say self doubt.

So I’m happier this week. yippie! mind you it could be the chocolate high