How are we doing?

Well daisy is now officially funnier than me; both in the funny ha-ha and funny peculiar ways. Most of the time it’s unattended humor. When she tells me to go away, or says No to the wrong question.

Today she was singing the tune of twinkle twinkle with the words “Mummy daddy, mummy, dad…” Which was very cute, when she interrupted her self to go ‘Dink’ (which means drink), it turns out she was holding a drink and had been for around half an hour, still. It was a shock to find it there.

Daisy’s word count is massive, we stopped counting ages a go, and new words are coming all the time, some times she picks up words seemingly first time. A while back when we went to stay at Ruth’s mum’s daisy wasn’t took keen on sleeping in a strange place, so Ruth told here the story of Noah; she only got the story once, that night, but ever since, heavy rain out side gets a cry of noie.

Sentences are her new trick, most of them involve where daddy has gone, “Daddy away in work”, and as she delighted in telling the man in Tesco, “Daddy away in car”.

Oh and she’s dead cute too. But I would say that wouldn’t I. Here are some pictures to prove it.

see I told you so.