Ding dong ding dong.

Clock Tower
Dinnnggggg Donnnngg

One things for sure about my new job; it’s making me hear things.

Currently I’m working in the Municipal Buildings on Dale street, the one with the big clock tower. well that clock bongs every 15 minutes, which is fine, and most of the time you don’t notice it. It’s only when your sitting at home and you think you can hear the bells.

Today to aid me in my bell delusions, the bells didn’t ring every 15 minutes, oh no, instead they rang every 30 minutes for 15 minutes at a time. apparently they do this sometimes on special occasions, we couldn’t work out what the special occasion was today, but they rang anyway.

The new jobs going really well, no I mention it. I’ve finally gotten my teeth into some code, and I’m motoring along quite nicely, despite the incredibly slow PC I’ve been lumbered with, but hopefully that’s going to change soon.

They are threatening to move us out of the ding dong building to a horrid 60’s building just down the road. having visited once, I think the bells are a better bet, but it all seems to be going ahead at the moment.

There is a slight possibility that all the office moving may lead to working from home, which would be cool. Everybody we’ve told doesn’t seem to think we could pull it off, but I think they underestimate our desire and the number of rooms in our house. I’m not counting on it though, I’m under no delusion that I’m still working in the public sector, and things quite often just don’t happen they way you would want them to.