A big machine room

One of the things we use to do when I worked at the university*, was to give prospective employees a tour of the building; “here is a floor of people”, “here’s another floor of people”… Not very exciting I grant, but we use to end the tour with the machine room.

Now depending on your background this was either impressive or just mildly interesting, if you where a placement student or someone working up the it ladder from say a small company then the ex bullion vault of an old bank, jam packed with expensive computer kit, looks like a nerds dream. To someone who’s seen it all before, you would just go; oh you’ve got that Halon gas stuff too.

Google however, could never fail to impress if during an interview they took people on a tour of there server rooms, two the size of football pitches with four story cooling towers; it turns out this is exactly what you need to make the world go around.

*I really must stop using this phrase.