The dark the dark,

I think We had our fist afraid of the dark incident last night. At around 12:30 daisy woke up, not to pleased with the world around her. This in it’s self is a rarity, as we’ve said before we are blessed with a sleeping baby.

Even when daisy does wake up, she will either go back off before we have moved out of bed, or in bad cases were we have to get up, Dasiy will sit on your knee for a minute, and then say bed, (with the hand on the side of the head and everything) and then back she goes. We learnt quite early on, that putting daisy back without this hand signal is a recipe for disaster.

Last night, it wasn’t the going to bed she minded, it was the dark afterwards, it took three goes, lots of stories, and a light on in the hall, with daisy’s door open before everyone in the house was asleep, and all I can say… How quickly you forget, and become use to sleeping all night.