Less is … Well less

It might be because I have a proper job, it could be because I’m still a bit traumatized by the whole moving jobs thing, it might even have been to do with the fact that there have been 64 football matches in the last month. But yes the number of posts on the blog has dropped off a bit.

So work, yes I have a ‘proper’ job. Work wise it’s loads of fun, I’m getting to do loads of new stuff, and looking at the world of development from another angle even if it is only slightly different from the last job has forced me to think more.

emotionally it’s been a bit more of a roller coaster*, the first few weeks where fish out of water not knowing anyone type scary, it all settled down a bit and then I had a bit of a relapse the other week, but I’m much better now, I’m building relationships (something which has been difficult because of the office layout more than anything), and I’m much more settled even over the last week or so than I have been.

World Cup: Well you know I’m a football junkie, so of course I’ve watched loads and loads of games, I’m at a bit of a loss at the moment, but that’s ok footie season starts in just under four weeks.

Other things that have happened: well the web site went off for a bit, this is because somebody hacked a backwater bit of the server I was using to mess about on, and started sending loads of spam emails; our service provider noticed this way before we we’re ever going to and turned it all off. A few emails later and we are all back up, and yes I’ve deleted all the other peoples bits code that I was looking at. Strictly my own code from now on.

*and how in this family do we deal with this ? We play computer games of course, loads of roller coaster tycoon as it turns out.