So, here we are again.

It’s a bit different this time, though on the face of it, pretty similar. I think I may be pregnant, but I haven’t done the test yet. I feel oddly pregnant, though – more so than I remember feeling in the first few weeks last time. Most noticeably, I’ve had a wave of faintness/nausea at about 9.30am, both today and yesterday, which is precisely the point in the day when that USED to happen. When I was pregnant. Last time.

I didn’t get morning sickness, but I did get mid-morning queasy, which I attacked with food, mostly. I’m not sure that helped, but I’ve always attacked a dicky tummy by filling it with food, it’s kind of instinctive.

Ways in which this time is different, mostly centre around stress. Having recently re-read some early-pregnancy blogging, I can confirm what I already believed was true – I was pretty stressed about the whole thing. I have a general sense of calm, this time. I know I’ve done it before, I suppose, and can see no reason to panic about doing it again. My esteemed dentist recently assured me that no baby turns your life upside down quite like the first one, so don’t worry. He also told me, from personal experience, that five children is Too Many, so I shall endeavour to stop before that point…

Part of me has been putting off being pregnant, because I really didn’t enjoy it much, the first time. I was worried that I would become a very nasty Mummy if I was pregnant, and that my options for opting out of life and sitting in front of the TV when it all got too much, would be significantly reduced by the contant presence of a nearly-two-year-old. At the moment, though, I feel pretty positive. She still goes to bed every afternoon (she doesn’t always sleep, but that’s not really the point, is it?), so there’s a rest-point in my day, and the pace of the rest of our day is under my complete control. If I can’t cope, we can stay in, or visit someone easy. It’ll be OK.