The DVLA Again!

No we thought we’d sorted this; you may remember in march we got fined because the DVLA entered some data wrong on there computers. This resulted in us nearly getting the car clamped and towed away.

Now as we said at the time, it’s not much of an excuse not getting the reminder letter, but that’s what happened we didn’t get a letter and we forgot. As soon as someone told us, we paid all the tax we should have paid, and the fine for being forgetful, and thought it was all sorted.

Well now we’ve got a summons! It’s a bit unclear but we appear to be getting charged ?45 pounds in legal fees so that the DVLA can recover ?0.00 in owed tax (that is what the letter says). This is also a chance the Magistrate could be in a mood and fine us upto ?1,000!

Now we don’t think that’s going to happen. Hopefully the magistrate will see our letter which will say, we forgot, we got no letter, when the police told us we paid everything right away.

It would appear that common sense doesn’t exist in the legal system, Once one person forgets to type a ‘2’ on the keyboard you’re done for, a chain of events unfolds which results in a letter demanding a court appearance for ?0.00 (the letter actually printed ?0.01 and the 1 has been obscured by a penned in 0), with ?45 pound legal costs.

I’m pinning my hopes on a human being of a magistrate (good luck) that will introduce ‘some’ common sense into I, and not take ?1,000 of our money because of bad data entry in the DVLA*
*As we said last time, we have the registration documents for the car, and they have our correct address on them, it was the DVLA who mistyped our address.

I’ve just looked at the DVLA website which says

The new rules mean that keepers who fail to re-license their vehicle (or declare SORN) will incur an automatic penalty of ?80 (reduced to ?40 if paid within 28 days). Those who ignore the penalty could receive a County Court Judgement against them, could be stopped by the police, and/or have their vehicles clamped. Determined offenders will be faced with prosecution and could be fined a minimum ?1000.

Since when is paying the fine and the tax within 24 hours either ignoring the penalty or being a determined offender! (the letter we have says up to ?1000)

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