DVLA – they’ve ground us down.

Given a length talk on the phone to someone in Preston who couldn’t actually help, but was near the empty office of someone who could. Ruth’s written the letter to go with the summons (as much as an exercise in releasing emotions, as satisfying the who thing). And like the good little downtrodden underlings we are, we’ve decided not to bother fighting this any more than that..

Yes we’re being fined (again) for somebody’s typing error, and the system is hell bent on penalizing people for nothing more than administrative errors (where exactly was the intent?). Don’t get me started on how the whole system in structured in a way to persecute the poorer members of society (for example if you have a Drive or park in a private car park you probably wouldn’t get the second fine), but we are rolling over on this one.

The main reason is that our time is we value our time (hence the whole stay at home mum, and public sector job thing).

As Ruth pointed out yesterday, if we say we are going to court then we spend the next two weeks worrying about it. If we write the letter, then we forget about it until someone asks for the money, at which point we sigh, spend a day annoyed about and pay (hiding it in existing debt or something). So the letter way is much more cost effective for us in terms of quality time and you can’t put a price on that (although in three weeks we should have one).

We’re a bit sad that this is the choice we’ve had to make, really it’s just another fine for something we didn’t really have much control over, but the choice is let it consume our lives for two weeks, or pay and move on.

coming soon, Jail Terms for broken tail lights. missing hub caps