Bobbing along

No Daisy posts for ages and ages. The truth is, it’s been pretty quiet. She’s just gradually getting better at the things she was already doing – new vocab, better pronunciation, climbing onto higher items of furniture, bigger tantrums, etc. On Friday, Daisy and I went to the zoo with her Grandmum and her Aunty Clare – Daisy’s zoo tolerance is about three hours, but the truth is, mine isn’t much more, particularly in the blazing sunshine.

Today, we went to visit my Grandma, which we rather like doing. I got a new story out of her (she tends to repeat herself, so a new story is always an event), and Daisy got to traumatise their dog, who is against children as a point of principle. She also hates men with beards, for some reason (the dog, not Daisy).

I’m gradually seeing the Terrible Twos, as they call it, hovering on the horizon. More and more, not getting what she wants can lead to shrieking at the top of her voice, or occasionally a full-blown tantrum, in response to which you can only wait till the end, then love it better. Attempts at expressions of loving before the end of the tantrum are not welcome, and are likely to result in a forceful blow from an arm or a leg. Welcome to the joys of toddlerhood…