Sources of stress

So, life’s had it in for us a little, in the last couple of weeks. It’s nothing major, and I feel slightly guilty at how easily I’ve let it overwhelm me. Kevin and Daisy are fine, nobody is ill or dying, life is generally good. However, with the DVLA prosecuting me for tax evasion, and one of the cats gone missing, I do feel a little overwhelmed – to the point that I’ve had heartburn and insomnia (separately, although heartburn certainly can create insomnia, if it hits at night) this week, and last night had to go to bed at 8.30pm to recover.

I wrote a very calm and reasonable statement to the court, explaining why it was only a little bit my fault that the car tax had expired. I think I have successfully resisted the temptation to spit fire and call them all stupid, which is always a risk with such things. Now I just have to wait for notification of their decision, and hope it’s a small number. Since I’m not going, however, they are allowed to adjourn the case without telling me, so there’s no guessing when that information will come.

The missing cat is Tim, the smaller, less adventurous one. I really can’t imagine him having been run over, since he would have to have escaped the alley gates for that to happen, and he’s got a permanent limp that makes his climbing and jumping a bit limited. My fear is that he may be locked into the house next door, which has been empty for about a year, but which some people have been nipping in and out of, over the last few weeks. I’ve not seen anyone since Thursday, though. I’ve been pushing ice cubes through to letter box, in case he’s dehydrating, but I feel a bit guilty about it, in case he’s not even in there.