Time lag

As you’ve possibly worked out, from the two week gap, the test turned out to have a better handle on things than I did. As a result, this blog is starting to look more like a “trying to get pregnant” blog, than a “pregnant again” blog. However, I’m caught up in a paradox of self-consciousness – I’m carefully recording the experience, but would feel far too exposed to publish such recordings. Not now our readership is made up of people we know (that wasn’t nearly so true, last time…). I shall probably publish as soon as the contents of a given post cease to be relevant; which is to say, you can find out all about the trying to be pregnant, once I am.

The truth is, I have no idea how easy or difficult it’s going to turn out to be. I’m vividly aware that I have had surgery on my ovaries since the last time I did this, and my body may not be as receptive as it once was. And there is at least one person in my life who’s been “trying for a baby” (dreadful expression) for months and months to no avail, and if it was to happen quickly and easily for me, I would have great difficulty looking her in the face. However, it makes no rational sense to wait for her, as Kevin fleetingly suggested – if she gets pregnant in a couple of months time, all well and good. If she doesn’t… well, the longer it takes, the more distressing it becomes to see someone else succeed with relative ease. And in the meantime, Daisy gets older and older with no younger siblings to keep her feet on the ground.