So, anyway,

Apparent writer’s bloc shifted, what have we been up to for the last few weeks?

Well, we went on holiday to Anglesea, which was lovely. We stayed here, and in fact, the bedroom photo is the room we used. The place is enormous, and was booked by some friends of ours, so we kind of sublet a bit from them.

The weather was surprisingly kind – Anglesea has some beautiful beaches, and in six days we visited at least three of them. We also went to Beaumaris Castle, and South Stack Lighthouse (or, if you prefer). We didn’t go down to it, though. I didn’t fancy carrying over two stone of toddler down four hundred steps, and then back up again.

About twenty minutes before we left to come home, Daisy considerately ripped the arm off my glasses, so most of the rest of last weekend was spent in trying to procure a new pair. The optician in Asda, which seemed like the most convenient option, said I couldn’t have an eyetest until Tuesday, and wouldn’t get the glasses for another fortnight, which didn’t seem terribly realistic, to me. Specsaver’s nearby were equally apologetic, for being unable to promise me a pair before Tuesday, which struck me as a full fortnight better than Asda could manage. They, however, got me an appointment with their city centre branch for the same day, and they produced a pair of spectacles by the following lunch-time, which seemed pretty good to me. And, being Specsaver, I got a spare pair for nothing, which means that the NEXT time Daisy destroys my glasses, it shouldn’t be quite so disastrous.

While we were there, we got Kevin sorted out too – he’s been wearing the same pair of glasses for the whole of the seven years I’ve known him, though, bizarrely, when we saw his family yesterday they didn’t notice the difference. He, like me, has a different prescription now, and a spare pair for emergencies. However, getting two eye tests, choosing four pairs of glasses, and collecting them afterwards took three trips to the shop over three days. I felt like I should start paying into the tea-club…*

In the process we went to three different opticians, one of them three times.

* Not that they gave us any tea. They really should’ve.