Your a star

One thing that has struck me since starting work for ‘the council’ is the amount of awards around the place. On my first day I noticed that the office had four or five internal awards one the fire mantle (very old building) all made of varying amounts plastic and superglue and with titles like working together and being productive.

It was one my first trip around the building (trying to the find the loo) I noticed that every other office had the same awards on their mantle pieces. It seems that people are rewarded with awards and every one gets awards so that no one feels left out. The council likes awards.

Well today in work was the launch of another award scheme. This one called ‘stars’; it’s a people’s choice award and works more like eBay ratings than anything, if someone you work with does something good you go to the web site and give them a ‘star’ they then get an email telling them that you’ve gotten a star, and there’s a league table (that no one can see) and at the end of the year the winner gets a prize (and a people’s choice award).

Of course, the definition of good is wooly at best so most of the day was punctuated with people shouting ‘give that man a star’. I think they would be best advised to ignore the first week of stars.

Now apparently this award scheme hasn’t come from the council but from BT, who also run “highly successful” award schemes. So it’s not just the public sector who are award crazy; I’m guessing that this trend in giving people awards for doing good things instead of money comes from America.

if I sound a little bitter it’s probably because I haven’t gotten any stars yet.