A tiny insight

When I’m rich – which current trends suggest I’m very unlikely ever to be – I shall employ a bed-maker. Not a cleaner, or a gardener, or a nanny, though I may add some or all of those to the staff at a later point. I shall employ someone to strip my bed shortly after I get out of it, air it for around twenty minutes, then re-make it with clean, fresh bed-linen. Every single day. They will then take away the dirty bed-linen, and launder it for me – including the ironing, which I never EVER do myself (well, maybe I iron the pillow-cases, but only because I love how they feel, and they’re so small. Nothing else). I will happily purchase as many sets of bed-linen as this would require to make this realistic, in exchange for the sheer luxury of sleeping in smooth, fresh, sweet-smelling sheets every single night.

1 thought on “A tiny insight

  1. Apparently living in a good hotel works if you want clean bedding daily – or being the Queen possibly.


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