Delightful Daisy

Daisy drawing – but not today

Daisy is, naturally enough, a wonderful child even at the worst of times, but she’s been absolutely delightful, in the last few days. She’s been interested, and chatty, and affectionate-but-not-clingy, and an absolute joy to be with. I’m really enjoying her at the moment.

Today Musical Minis re-started after the summer break, and I must admit I was not looking forward to it. I paid for this term back in July (to get an early bird discount of about tuppence ha’penny), and almost instantly thought, “I don’t know if I can face another three months of week in week out Musical Minis.” If I’m honest, my friend’s little boy has started nursery, so they’ve given it up, and I didn’t much fancy going with no-one to talk to. I’m very, very poor at making friends at these things.

But we’ve paid, so we went, and it was lovely. It was very quiet, for some reason, and Daisy has suddenly become one of the oldest, from being one of the youngest less than a year ago. The thing that struck me, though, is that she has changed enormously over the summer, in ways that I’d barely noticed. She interacted with the songs, and sang, and did actions much more than she ever has before, and commented endlessly (“I like storytime, Mummy,” “I like the Little Piggies/5 Little Ducks/the Hokey Cokey”). The Instrument of the Day was the tambourine, and she knew what it was called, and all in all, she seemed much more mature than she did in July.

This afternoon we did some Structured Activity (which I’m not very organised about, but I suspect that I do it all is a Pretty Good Thing) – Balamory games on the CBeebies website, followed by colouring of Balamory print-outs. I’m building up to baking with her, but I’m still a bit scared…