Covert thy Neighbour’s iPod

One of the few things I try to pride myself on is my lack of coverting. I don’t think it’s the way to a healthy or happy life to spend most of it wanting things you haven’t got. And I can genuinely say that there are very few things I really really want. For example I don’t lay awake bemoaning our lack of 42″ plasma TV or the fact that we only have one car. Infact most of the time I don’t even think about things we don’t have, but then the evil apple come along. And make stuff.

I don’t actually think there is an piece of apple kit I wouldn’t like (although I do see that the iPod shuffle isn’t worth the money), the big flat monitors are very nice*, as is the rather cool little Mac mini, but today it’s the iPod Nano, it’s small sexy and has a rather nice box (how much is that style over substance).

And I know I won’t use it, and it will just break like everything else I get, but just let me for at least a few hours dream. I’ll get over it in the morning.

* see I don’t want a big monitor, oh it’s apple I want I want

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