Imaginative Play

Daisy’s imagination is really starting to emerge. Already this morning, she has told me that her cow (a ride-on toy she got for her last birthday) had pooed – though quite what I was expected to do with this information, I wasn’t sure – and has spent some time pretending to be an aeroplane.

Yesterday, I heard her telling Baby (the imaginatively named baby doll) very firmly that We Don’t Hit People, something about Timeout, followed by a hug and kiss. She seems to understand the discipline regime, even if it doesn’t appear to be having a noticeable effect… Later on, I was instructed with great urgency to “Lie down, Mummy,” which I did out of sheer curiosity. She proceeded to use a handy tissue as a baby wipe, and pretend to change my nappy! She rocks!

The other extraordinary thing she did yesterday was, when she was playing with a shape-sorter at someone else’s house, and she was given a piece to sort, she looked at it and said, “Triangle” very clearly. It was, too. I shall stop worrying about teaching colours, I think. She’s quite plainly learning whatever she likes, whenever she feels like it.

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