Canceling sky. In under ten minutes,

Canceling things is never easy, especially in this always on, more is more is more culture. Recently we did a little review of our finances / lifestyle and decided that 42 odd pounds a month was a lot to be spending on telly we didn’t watch. I can’t remember the last time we watched a movie on Sky, occasionally I might sit down to watch football, but I would rarely get to the end of the game.


Given how we’ve got everything else with telewest (t’internet, and phone) we did a little comparison of what TV we wanted to pay for and what it would cost us with each option. To be honest there’s not much in it, if you bundle everything with the one company but the fact that we don’t have a bt line to the house and that costs 125 we decided to go with cable, which we now have and are happy with. So time to cancel Sky.

Supprisingly canceling sky isn’t something their website is keen to tell you about, and by all accounts it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do by phone, but I thought I would


give it a go, be brief and brisk and see if I could get off the phone having canceled sky in under 10 minutes.

Saturday 7:50am
Nice and early, I should beat the rush and the sky call center. except after navigating the call phone system, I get told the cancellation department doesn’t open until 8:30am, but I do get one good thing from this call:

the direct number to Sky Cancellations is 08708 502 803.

Saturday 9:47am:
Calling the Direct Number
right I’m in a 3 minute long queue…
“OK, please don’t cancel do you want a 20% discount ?” “No I just want to cancel, I’m moving for telewest” “You’ll be paying more for less” “I don’t mind paying more for less” “You must be the only person in Briton”
I’m on hold again, I think this is just a tactic, to make me think over the last exchange
“Can I ask you what you are paying telewest?” “No” “Why?” “Because I don’t want to tell you” “I didn’t realize it was a matter of national Security” (I think they know they’ve lost me now!) “It’s not, it’s a private agreement between me and telewest” … “OK you’re service will be terminated on October 23rd”
“OK By”

Yeah me 9 Minutes 27 Seconds (the phone told me, I’m not so sad as to have a stopwatch on it!)

as a comparison I asked my sister, who also recently canceled sky, it took her 45 Minutes!, so as long as you don’t mind being called stupid, you can cancel sky in under 10 minutes.

for an encore I’m going to try and persuade a door-to-door electricity sales man that I don’t want to pay less for my electricity in under 5 minutes.

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  1. Well I’m super-impressed. We didn’t ever sign a contract with Sky and the installation was never even completed, and it still took me seven months and a threat to sue them for harassment to get them to stop writing to me demanding I reinstate the direct debit (which I’d been smart enough to cancel) or else they’d cancel the service 8-| – I did get a letter in the end confirming that we owed them nothing and that they’d never bother me again (seriously, it actually said that… possibly because I dictated it to them LOL)

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