Daisy’s Birthfest

Daisy’s two!

Yes it doesn’t seem like yesterday (no it really doesn’t) that we were in the women’s hospital, half asleep holding our little bundle of joy, and hoping desperately that we could take her home, and get out of the terribly cramped ward we where stuck in.

We’ll now we have the Daisy whirlwind everyday, running around the house telling us what to do (last night there was a lot of daddy sit on the sofa), and we love (almost) every minute of it. Having done most of the life changing events over the last few years I can confidently say having a baby is the biggest, and while it is a cliche, nothing does prepare you for it. I mean show me the book that tells you, how to put up a child’s trike, at night, with a hammer, quietly!

Given how I’ve gone and gotten my self on a course that means I was in Chester today we’ve delayed our daisy celebrations by a day. Not that she will notice, It’s much more of a Dasiy festival this year than a birthday, presents are getting opened as people arrive, and the plan is for a visit our house come look at our daughter thing to happen on Sunday, all in all her birthday will last around 5 days this year.

when she gets older we’ll try and cut that down a little.