I’m a student!

After all these years of working at a university, I leave and almost immediately I become a student again.

I’ve gone and gotten myself on a leadership course at work, and what at first glance appeared to be a little intense if not useful internal course is infact a full on in partnership with a university thing.

Today I trundled of to the University of Chester (Yes I thought that they have made that up in hollyoaks too), to their business school no-less, to enroll on the ‘leadership academy’ which is the university’s and council’s award winning management course.

It’s quite intense it’s split into 5 modules with the first three taking up around half of the week for four weeks at a time, over the next 6 months and then two modules where you have to present and write stuff.

It’s all a bit nerve racking for me, because as you might have guessed I have no real management experience. I’m excited at the challenges but also a bit worried that I might be pap at the whole thing.

Anyway I’m off to immerse myself in my new student life, lots of beer and sleeping in until noon, oh no wait there! I have a wife, child and job. Responsibilities! I’m a pap student. And it’s only been a day!

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