Not well

I made a mistake today: I got up and went to work

I’ve gone and gotten the cold Daisy’s had for the last few days and I was halfway across lime street when i realized that i should have just stayed in bed. The problem is the biggest part of my day is getting two and from work, so once i was there i really didn’t feel like turning around and coming home again.

Ruth phoned me and gently suggested that i should come home, and that along with the few people who where in work looking at me like i was the source of the plague, made my mind up for me. Traveling the opposite way in rush hour isn’t all the bad, so the trip home didn’t kill me like i feared (I’m a man all colds are the end of the earth), and I’ve spent most of the morning under a blanket on the bed enjoying the wonders of daytime Cbeebies.

I suposse it says how much i am enjoying my course that i am really hoping I’m well enough to go to work tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Not well

  1. *waves for attention* For what it’s worth, I have it too! If anyone cares. I just wasn’t silly enough to get the train into Liverpool at 8am. Or silly enough to get myself tied into earning money in the first place. Nevertheless, I can’t breathe properly, and I’m just as tanked up on Lemsip as anyone else around here…

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