One Day in history: Kevin

Well we’ve been doing this blogging thing on and off for around 5 years, so it would be remiss of us not to do the one day in history blogging now wouldn’t it.

17th October 2006

It’s been a bit difficult for me to get out of bed on time recently. Since i started my management course I’ve been going into work at different times and this has just thrown my whole system. Today I managed to get out of bed at around 6:30 which is quite early and gives me a bit of a buffer to float about before my day starts. So for the first half and hour of my day, I check the internet. I use Google reader to tell me what is happening on the web sites i look at, usually it throws up just over a hundred new things at me in the morning most of which are either BBC News stories or people posting pictures of Liverpool on flickr.

At around 7:15 a realize I’ve overdone it on the computer (again) and quickly stumble into my clothes and head downstairs to make breakfast. usually I would take Daisy (Age 2) down with me, but she’s recovering from a cold and has been sleeping in a bit over the last few days. When i get down stairs, i turn on radio4, put the kettle on and start making my toast and cornflakes. I’ve been expanding my breakfast recently because i found i was nibbling away at my lunch earlier and earlier in work.

the radio was telling me that David Blunket lied in his memoirs about a riot at Lincoln prison, according to the retired prison bloke on the radio, he didn’t calmly asses and deal with the situation as he claimed, he actually told this prison man to ‘shoot them with machine guns’ you would hope the home secretary would realize that prison officers in this country don’t have machine guns. I suspect he got a little over stressed.

it’s 7:50 and still no sign of the rest of the family, so i nip up stairs to gather a few things (like money and my wallet) and tell Ruth I’m off to work. My train is meant to leave Mossley Hill at 8:09 but given how it’s always 5 minutes early or late, i have to give myself some extra time to get to the station in the mornings.

As usual the train is busy and it’s standing room only for the journey to Lime Street, because I’m on my course today, I don’t actually have to get the early train but the next train is always so busy that I’ve elected to come in a bit early. besides i was off sick yesterday, and i just want to show my face in the office so that people know I’m back.

St George's Hall

From the station, i walk down to my ‘nice’ 60’s office block via some of Liverpool’s best buildings, St Georges hall, the Walker Art Gallery, and the newly refurbished Liverpool World Museum, no architectural treasures for me however, as I’m based in Premier court on Hatton Gardens, which like a lot of office buildings in Liverpool appears to have been thrown up in the 60’s to cover the gaps that the war had left.

It’s around 8:30 when i get into the office, there are only ever about three people from the team in around this time, so I check my emails, and confirm that i don’t have to do anything on the personnel system to say I’ve returned to work. People are still looking at me like I’m the bearer of the plague so i slip out and over the car park to the Epstien Center where my training on HR and Recruitment is taking place. It’s not hard to see where the inspiration for the building name came from when you realize that my course is in the Lennon Room, with the McCartney and Harrison rooms upstairs, and the smallest Starr room stuck in at the back.

The course is part of my wider Leadership Academy course, which is a one year management training course aimed at new and aspiring managers within the council. I’m aspiring, I’ve been in my current post of ‘Lead Web Developer’ for five

months now, so most people are a bit taken aback when they see that I’m on management training already. but the truth is that’s part of the reason i took the new job. Previously i Worked for Liverpool John Moores University. and the progression opportunities where poor to non-existent. I took a job in the council because i was looking for a chance to move on and up.

So today I learn all about the recruitment and selection process, and how because of new Age discrimination legislation, you can’t put “requires 3 years experience” in the job spec because it’s ageist. you apparently can’t say “bubbly” either not as you would expect because it’s bad English but because it implies you are looking for someone young and a woman. so it’s both ageist and sexist.

The course continues tomorrow, where we have been promised it’s less heavy going and more ‘role play’ oh how i look forward to that!

One of the fringe benefits of the course is that i get to leave early around ten past four. which means i actually get home around 4:45, which is nice and early and gives me plenty of family time, especially with Daisy who will be going to bed at seven.

The main drama in the house surrounds the freezer, it turns out that Daisy turned it off sometime yesterday, so most of the food is now ‘cold but soft’, Me and Ruth debate exactly what we can keep and what should be thrown out, I think you can keep things like bread, and peas and sweetcorn, but you should throw out meats. Ruth phones Mum for a second (and more experienced) opinion, who comes back with keep it all, It may taste a bit horrid but it won’t kill you.

After a debate about what we should now do for tea (in which i totally miss the signs that Ruth feels like a treat and eating out) Ruth goes to Tesco and get some pasta and sauce (yes, it’s not exactly a treat is it?).

Cbeebies Beadtime HourTea’s over by around 6pm and then we just all flake out in front of the telly, the cbeebies bedtime hour is our Saviour here,and it gives Daisy something to focus on while we slouch.

7pm comes and Daisy’s now well established bedtime routine kicks in. Upstairs, for teeth cleaning and then our bath, they’re wasn’t actually that much screaming about getting our hair washed or dried tonight, I think we are starting to accept that it has to be done. It was Ruth’s turn to give Daisy her milk and put her to bed, so after I’d dried her and passed her over to Ruth, I nipped into the study to check the internet again.

Google Reader tells me, that some of the opposition MPs have picked up on fingerprinting in schools, I’d be surprised if anything actually comes of this opposition, but raising awareness that fingerprinting is going on is a start. I think we as a society are just starting off down the road of storing all this data about people and most aren’t aware of the possible uses of all the data and the information being given is sketchy at best. The public need to be better informed and awareness needs to be raised about the issues.

After catching up, It’s blogging, this post in fact. It’s longer than usual but still i would probably be blogging or something now. So it seems like the best time to do it.

after blogging, it’s bath night for me, followed by some TV. there’s a drama on BBC1 (The Amazing Mrs Pritchard) about a Independent woman Prime Minister.