Month four

So, reasons I think I’m pregnant this month?

1) I’m late, though I must admit to having a rather more erratic cycle than usual, just recently. I was regular as clockwork for 20 years, and now I’m lurching from 28 day months to 34 day ones for no apparent reason. However, based on earlier assumptions of a 30 day cycle (which always used to be true), I’m two days late.

2) Two days in a row, I’ve looked at the cafetiere of filter coffee, poured it down the sink, and had apple juice instead.

3) Today, I’m absolutely exhausted. I mean, maybe I’ve been staying up too late, or something, but I spent a good hour on the sofa watching Numberjacks and Me Too! this morning, and most of the afternoon doing the same thing. Ever couple of minutes Daisy would shout “WAKE UP, MUMMY!”

4) About ten days ago, I experienced a very tiny amount of bleeding, which so reminded me of what they call “implantation bleeding” that I’ve kind of been convinced since two days after I ovulated.

5) I feel slightly sick. Very, very slightly, to the extent that I couldn’t really say whether I feel really sick, or just excited/nervous/apprehensive over the idea of being pregnant again.

This is becoming a pattern in itself, though. Every month I identify some vague physiological trait that represents proof positive, only to find out that I made it all up in my head.

Maybe this time I’m right, though.