Whoever said women should work was bonkers

This is such a better way to deal with being 5 weeks pregnant. Last time, I was dragging myself into work in the morning, completely failing to think coherently about my job for eight hours, then needing to go straight to bed as soon as I got home – get up for tea at 7.30pm, then back to bed at 9.30pm. It was grim, I was SO SO tired, it was basically an exercise in endurance, and I didn’t get time to a single fun thing during the week.

Today, I got up at about 8am, dressed and breakfasted at whatever pace I felt capable of, went to Asda secure in the knowledge that it was the only energetic thing I was going to do across the day, had lunch, then spent an hour dozing on the sofa while Daisy watched CBeebies. A rest after lunch means I’m more likely to survive the evening, and I don’t, generally, feel like a wet rag, because I’m not, generally, over-doing it.

This is a much better way to do it. Trying to hold down a job when you’re in this state seems foolhardy, at best…