We’re surrounded by sound

razzeldazzelI’ve had the strangest head cold this week. Ever since my proper cold last week I’ve had a blocked nose, which now has spread to my ears. It’s just like someone has turned the treble down on the radio, and as a result I’m having great difficulty hearing people talking directly to me, but I can hear our neighbours through the wall perfectly. When I lie down It sounds like someone left the shower on, and I can hear the trains coming from miles away, I’ve become very aware of all the background noise in our house. Like the constant drone of the pooters in the study.

I’ve tried clearing my nose to see if it had an effect on my ears, but olbas oil doesn’t appear to work on ears. I’m not searching Google again for blocked ears it’s scary. I think I’m recoving from a cold, and my ear drums aren’t about to pop.
So If I your talking to me today and I just give you a strange look, or start talking about something else, It’s my ears, Honest (although, yes sometimes that’s just me)