We’re number one,

There was a definite upbeat mood to the office this afternoon, It wasn’t from the extra strong coffee from the flava machine from our last meeting.

You see in the public sector, and local government more so, there is an obsession with numbers, KPI’s, SLA’s call them what you will, we measure everything, from river quality, to how long it takes to answer the phone. One thing that is measured is web sites, more specifically how fast, accessible and free from errors they are, and this month liverpool.gov.uk came 1st in a list of 462 councils. So yeah us.

Not that I have had anything to do with the liverpool.gov.uk site yet. The council internet site is just the publicly facing tip of the iceberg of work that the web team do. I’m currently working on call centre pages, and electronic payment stuff for the One stop shops, things that will never see the public light of day. So I can’t take direct credit for being number 1, I mean i did make a cup of tea the other day, and not so long ago i bought everybody doughnut… that’s it it was the doughnuts!

The reality is it was a network change; Most of the web team thought we should have been number one last month, the accessibility, and pages scored highly the servers we just slow, and for no real reason, they where shiny and new, just slow. well this month they where faster (someone tweeked the flunge sprocket or something) and now everything is nice, and happy.

It’s not going to change us though, as one person said “the only way is down”