Daisy makes her first friend

This morning, in Musical Minis, I watched Daisy make her first friend. It was extraordinary. It’s not that she doesn’t like and play with other children, it’s just that their presence tends to be thrust onto her – there’s not much element of her own choice about it. Today, she sidled up to a new(-ish) little girl whom she’d obviously taken a shine to, and held her hand, and ran up and down with her, and sat on the floor next to her, when we were ready to start. It was very, very cute, but more than that I was fascinated watching them interact. It was almost entirely non-verbal. Just lots of smiles and physical contact, and a clear desire to be together.
She’s starting to make choices about people. That’s a huge developmental leap. I wonder what made that little girl more attractive than the other half-dozen children in the room who were about her age, some of whom have been coming for months?

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