Terrible trouble sleeping,

I’m having the most terriblest trouble sleeping. and no I am not scared of the dark.

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t lie in bed awake for more than around 20 minutes because your body will get use to being awake in bed, as opposed to asleep (no it doesn’t sound as plausible when put like that does it?). So I got out of bed around half an hour forty minutes ago, but i don’t feel any more tired now. So I’m not sure going back to bed is the answer.

Maybe food is the answer, apparently you can now buy night time milk, which contains higher levels of melatonin, which helps you sleep. the interesting bit is how they get the higher levels of melatonin.. not by chemical processes or genetically modifying things, but simply by milking the cows in the morning. Apparently some cows produce high levels of melatonin in their morning milk.

It is a bit worrying however; milk is one of the few products in the supermarket that hasn’t been taken over by branding, currently with a few exceptions, Milk is milk is milk, well at least blue and green topped milk are milk, red topped (skimmed) is just white water.