No more Father Christmas,

So the big news that’s shaking the Jump family this week…. There is to be no Father Christmas at the Jumps’ Boxing Day spectacular.

Since time began, Father Christmas has visited the Jumps’ Boxing Day bash, to deal out presents to young and old. It’s a fab tradition that has for the time I’ve known about it.

a christmas tree Ruth’s granddad play the part of Santa (always with a very white face). He would sneak off, about 15 minutes beforehand, and then after everyone had gathered appear at the window, and demand Christmas carols in exchange for presents.

Everyone would have deposited their presents upon arrival at the party, and with santa in his chair, his ‘little’ helpers would pass him the presents. With 10 of them in the room, the presents addresses to Mum would take a while to find there destination, and parents with the newest child (us last two years) would hardly get to sit down before another present was flying their way.

Granddad, hasn’t been to well this year, and i don’t think he’s up to the rigours of present giving, so rather than replace him (which has happened before!) present giving is happening differently! There are still going to be presents for under 18’s, but the adults presents are going to be replaced with a slush fund which will go to some good cause at the end of the night. I think we’re responsible for this. a few years back we replaced all token presents, with chickens and the like from Oxfam. It was a big hit, and this year the whole family is doing it.

It’s a big change from tradition, but one thing I’ve noticed about the Jumps since I became one, is traditions aren’t really the thing, so i imagine everyone will cope.

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