Mega Maths

I surf the internet a lot; probably far to much but we will worry about that another time. Most of the time it’s the same old same old. nothing really new, a take on something you’ve already read. a photograph you’ve seen from every angle at least twice, but every now and again I see something on the internet that make me go wow.

Some nerdy things are just plain impressive like seats3d a company who do nifty seating plans for stadiums (like the Boston garden), but mostly they’re just wow someone has taken this to the logical extreme and done it well.

What’s a real wow moment are things I’ve never seen before, like a ‘new’ (different) way to multiply. Now yes some people say it’s the same principle as “long multiplication“, but still it’s a different angle, and one my education appeared to be sadly lacking (and I’ve got an A’Level in maths too).

Of course we don’t do multiplication by hand any more, we have calculators, excel, and my favorite google. I mean who doesn’t need to know the speed of light in fathoms per lunar month?