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Sometimes You don’t realise how good a company is at something until you change to another one.

When we initially bought I did a load of research into domain hosting companies, and based more on reputation than price we went with 1and1 internet, who are one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. the package was OK but after a year or so, we started to miss the little extras (like database support), which were holding us back from doing some of the cool stuff (like the family tree, and changing to wordpress). So i went out and looked for another host.

This time I admit I looked more at price than reputation although I did find people saying good things about compila, the company we are now with. However, after 4 months I don’t rate them much. Our website isn’t anywhere as near as stable. It appears that while you upload files the website can stop responding (and no this isn’t our internet connection). they ‘forgot’ to renew the domain last week, and had to be prompted to do so, and it turns out the other two domains we have that we got so our some of our friends could have nice email addresses weren’t even set-up properly as part of the transfer.

I’m very close to ditching them even though we’ve paid for the year and moving to someone else. Looking back 1and1 internet we’re fantastic the servers we’re fast and we never had any trouble with the site, the only problem is they aren’t that cheep if you want database support (in the UK anyway). their cheapest plan with database is over ?120 a year! (we are currently paying less than half of that). Easyspace who are another big company can do it for around ?42 but currently have a hidden charge of ?17 if you ever want to move away from them! I disapprove of hidden charges.

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