Liverpool Wasteland,

It’s really just a PR stunt, but Liverpool vision has been complaining today about how google’s images of Liverpool are around 5 years old, and show Liverpool with loads of waste land when in fact it’s redeveloping like crazy and now has…. well.. loads of holes.I remember when it was all fieldsWithout going into the technicalities of the fact that google has to get images of the entire planet, so five years probably isn’t that bad. If I was Liverpool vision I would have done two things before complaining.

  1. Waited until Liverpool was a bit more than a couple of big holes. what’s the use in updating the pictures of wasteland from space into big holes with cranes in them… from space.
  2. Updated my own web site. As the register has pointed out, you should maybe get the 10 or so pictures on your own website sorted before you complain about google having the odd old picture in a couple of million.