Daisy’s christmas,

I don’t think I’m going to ruin Christmas for daisy if i talk about her present here. but if you want the surprise of not knowing you don’t have to read on

So buying for the people you love is so hard, especially when they’re two and all of their relatives have been probing you for present ideas since their birthday.

The process of working out a present for Daisy usually goes around a few times. We come up with some ideas, search around and find something suitable, decide that’s not right or let someone else get it, then start again.
At the moment we have two possible presents, a Kitchen style thing, or a My First Laptop

The kitchen:

My First KitchenDaisy is really into the imaginative role play stage right now. we’ve been reliving her birthday party with the tea cups and sauces for the last two months, and the we’ve grown use to her ‘tiding up’ and dusting with anything she can find. We were a little worried about the stereotyping of a toy like a kitchen, but i think everybody cooks, and more often it’s me in the kitchen as opposed to Ruth. For reasons i can’t really put my finger on I don’t feel as comfortable about the extra toys like washing machines, Irons and Hovers (although there is a dyson that actually picks up!).

Space is an issue with a kitchen, we just don’t have anywhere to put one of the behemoth kitchen, island/mobile catering units. So we’ve been looking for a smaller solution. As with all these things the range is quite scary, at one end you have the early learning centre “My First Kitchen” and at the other Amazon are selling the full Sink, fridge dishwasher units. In reality Daisy would probably be happy with a pan, and some plastic vegetables.

The Laptop

My First LaptopOne thing Daisy currently loves is the ‘pooter’ or more precisely Daddy’s pooter. We’re not really getting keyboard or mouse skills quite yet, and when we do we have the baby keyboard, should we ever find a ‘normal’ keyboard to attach it to.

We’re not talking about getting Daisy a proper pooter here, Just one of those fake my first type things. she currently has a M&S musical toy that looks a bit like a laptop, and she is forever calling it my pooter but it’s not, it’s just a press a button and you get twinkle twinkle toy. maybe she’s ready for a bit more of an interactive toy on that front.

I do have reservations with this one, the laptop toys are really a bit poor when it comes to looking like a pooter. yes they have the keyboard, and they close up like a laptop, but the screens are very weak. i know this is where the money is saved but it just makes them look at tacky to me. There’s also the fact that Daisy likes ‘balamory on the pooter’ and ‘tinkywinky-dipsy-lala-po on pooter’ and We’re not going to get them on a laptop (not for ?20 anyway).

She could actually have my old laptop, but she pulls the keys of that.


As I said before this is only the first round of toy thinking, I’m sure we’ll come to some totally different conclusion by Christmas. As long as we actually do get something and avoid the temptation just to say that she will get enough presents from other people, then we won’t feel like the worst parents in the world.

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  1. She may not be able to pull the keys off your laptop any more – she only did it once, and it was a very long time ago. She has significantly bigger fingers, now.

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