Have you ever found a CD in your cupboard that you knew nothing about?

Today I (or should I say, Daisy) found this:

Don Moen - God for Us
God for Us, with Don Moen.
Buy this dreadful CD on Amazon.

The thing is, I have no recollection of how it came into the house. None at all. The price label implies that I spent a whopping ?14.99 on it, which must mean I had an income at the time – it seems like a ridiculous amount of money, now, to spend on a CD I knew nothing about, and didn’t play for some years.

The style is… well, imagine a cross between a Broadway Musical and Daniel O’Donnell doing his spot on Songs of Praise. I swear, some of the songs end in such a way as to leave me craving ice-cream in the lobby. But it also reminds me, just slightly, of a tape we had in the eighties, called Communion, and which we played on a permenant loop in our car for about three years. I think it’s the American accents that do it – they way they insist on singing to “Gard”, that I struggle to take seriously. Like they’re worshipping an overweight man in a uniform, who’s watching the football when he’s supposed to be monitoring the CCTV.

I’m determined to play it to the end, but this could be a contender for the next Swaps party. I can’t really imagine playing it twice…

3 thoughts on “Have you ever found a CD in your cupboard that you knew nothing about?

  1. I’m not sure I can last all the way to the end of this CD. The man has been on a good 5 minute God is great speech. “You can’t out live him, and you can’t live without him.” all true, but please music, even the amazingly bad american soppy versions you’ve been playin’ for the last half hour.

  2. Oh, I think on balance, your Don Moen has the greater kudos. Though I read the subheading “Argos Heroes” before I read the site title “Toronto Argonauts”, and was briefly confused by the unlikely combination of ice hockey* with The Slowest Way To Shop…

    I’m not really awake yet.

    *Except of course, now I look, he’s playing American Football, isn’t he? Still, they’re both largely made up of masks and padding. It’s a mistake anyone could have made. Oh, dear…

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