a nintendo wii, really a better name ? Now, we all know I’m a gimic boy. I freely admit, that i get all excited by shiny technology, but doesn’t the the Nintendo Wii look cool? I especially like it when people step back and look at something from another angle. Instead of running after Microsoft and Sony with the “how realistic can we make the car jacking game look” race. Nintendo have gone for the, how can we make it fun angle, and have ended up with something much more appealing.

Their website is good too; there’s a load of videos of people playing the Wii, So you too can picture what it would be like to make you parents play, or give the control to your daughter. As an interesting aside, all the family videos are Japanese, I wonder if that’s because they seem to be much more involved, or just to do with how they shot it?

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  1. I’m going to get to play on one this afternoon! very exciting, a friend has imported one from the states and is bringing it over! We have one on pre-order ourselves as a family christmas pressy this year and I’m not sure I can wait between 8th December when it’s released until Christmas day but I guess I’ll have to!

    Anyway that ended up being a long comment (sorry :oops:) when I was just coming for a quick visit to wave to my fellow Psalty fan 😉

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