Look what they found…

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So, yes, we’re having another one. I’m twelve weeks pregnant, and starting to feel a bit better than I have for quite some time. And the particularly good news is that they found one baby, no more and no less, it is fully equipped with arms, legs, a head, a nose and a heartbeat, and they didn’t find anything else.

The trip the LWH was a fairly positive affair: we didn’t have to wait for two hours with an exploding bladder, like we did for the first appointment with Daisy; the two people we dealt with were reasonably friendly; I wasn’t prodded and poked beyond what I could stand; and everything appears to be normal, which was the thing I was terrified might not be true. The midwife agreed with my assessment of how the interventions cascaded, one on top of the other, last time, and we shared a hope that that might be avoided, this time, if the baby contrives to come a bit earlier. At least I managed to avoid being induced; that would only have compounded the thing, I’m sure.

To be perfectly frank, I hate being in hospital. I’d be a classic home-birther, but for the fact that I ended up having both an epidural and an episiotomy, last time. A little piece of the back of my mind thinks it makes sense to have a straight-forward hospital delivery under your belt before you start dispensing with the hospital. I’m just hoping to keep it all to a minimum, and get home as soon as I can, that’s all.

Of course, by that logic, aspiring towards a home birth means committing to having a third, which I am most certainly not promising at this stage. We’ll see how two goes, thank you very much.

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  1. Oh congratulations to all of you! Lovely picture 🙂

    It’s a myth that you have to have a straight forward hospital delivery under your belt first, I certainly didn’t – just go for the home birth if that’s what you want and if everything’s looking hunkydory nearer the time. All the best, hope the sicky phase wears off soon.

  2. Oooooohh…. squeeeee! How lovely – congratulations!

    FWIW, I had my first in hospital – induction, demerol, epidural and not just one but two episiotomies. Second (and all subsequent) were born at home. Had I been going to hosp for #2, it would have been distress all around and an emergency c/s.

    If you want to talk through choices, ping me (contact form on blog if you don’t have the email addy) – although I’m a rabid homebirther for *me*, I’m only rabid about women making their own decisions when it comes to other people 🙂

  3. I don’t even want to think about where two episiotomies might go…

    Thanks for the good wishes, both of you. Really, choosing the place is about my confidence more than anything else. I’ve got no concrete evidence to suggest that I CAN give birth entirely normally, and the flip-side of the “women have been doing this for millions of years” argument, to which I do subscribe up to a point, is that they used to die doing it, in quite large numbers.

    By reputation, the Women’s Hospital here is one of the best maternity services in the region, and they do have the midwife-led birthing centre as well as the more clinical delivery suite. It’s just that if you’re more than usually late, they admit you straight into the latter. I’m hoping against hope that Daisy’s lateness was mostly to do with her being my first (rather than being a trend, like yours seem to be, Deb!), that I can win a fight with them over my due date being based on MY dates rather than on the scan, and that I can therefore go into labour naturally, this side of Term +10. I’m pretty sure being allowed to keep moving would have been the key, last time, and the midwife-led unit is all beanbags, balls and birthing pools, apparently.

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