So, Kevin still isn’t blogging,

And I still don’t know why. I’ve given him a good week and a half to come up with something, and suggested a whole stack of things he could comment on, and he’s just not playing ball.

He’s been off work over Christmas, and since the day Daisy was born, the closest thing I get to a holiday is Kevin being around to do stuff with/for us, so we’ve had quite a relaxed couple of weeks, apart from the mad frenzy of travelling that was Christmas itself. We have, though, taken the opportunity to do one of those potentially-disastrous things that are best done when you don’t have to get up the next morning. We’ve taken the side off Daisy’s cot-bed for the first time.

Contrary to expectations, she hasn’t fallen out of it once, that I’m aware of. I suspect this has a lot to do with the decision to stick with sheets and blankets for a while – she’s pretty well swaddled, in a way that means she can only really get out if she’s trying. On the downside, her sleeping generally has been quite unsettled, though whether that’s to do with the bed, the insanity of Christmas, or just the developmental stage she’s at, is impossible to say. Still, if she gets out of bed and knocks patiently on her bedroom door, she’s a lot easier to settle than when she’s started crying properly, so that’s an improvement of sorts. She’s spent rather longer in our bed in the last month or so than she had in the previous two years, but I suppose that’s OK – she’s two, it’s what they do. They stop, eventually. To be honest, if it didn’t bother Kevin so much, I’d just let her, but he really can’t sleep with her in the bed (don’t know if that’s because it’s not big enough, or he’s not used to it, or he’s afraid of squashing her, or because she kicks the daylights out of him – one of those), and if it’s a flat choice between the husband and the toddler in my bed, I’m afraid Kevin wins. After all, I plan on him still being here, long after she’s grown up and left…

Actually, it didn’t happen last night – Daisy slept through for the first time in a good week and a half, and I’m now wondering if we’d fallen into a downward spiral of overtiredness – she slept for a good two hours in the car, yesterday, and it seems to have helped her get through the night, to say nothing of making her a much nicer child today than of late. Somehow, I never see these things with anything other than hindsight, though.

I do wish I was one of those intuitive mothers. I have my moments, but not all that often, sadly.