Lie in

One of the great perks of Daisy not being well, is she does tend to sleep more.? Yesterday, she bounced manically from 6.15am onwards, until I could have cheerfully shaken her.? Then, at 5.45pm, she fell asleep in her tea.? And it was pizza night, and she loves pizza.

Those of you who know Daisy will realise that she is simply not that sort of child.? She doesn’t just crash like that.? If you don’t actually put her to bed (or in the car), she just gets more and more bad-tempered and clumsy, apparently indefinitely.? But by 6pm last night, she was in bed and going to sleep, and she’s only just stirring now, at gone 8am.? What’s more, for the first time since we liberated her from the cot bars, it sounds like she’s just lying there playing, rather than getting up and demanding to get into my bed.? Which would, presumably, be pointless, now, since I’m not in it any more.

There is a world of difference between the mummy who was woken at 6.15am (every day for the last fortnight), and the mummy who woke by herself at 8am…