Public service announcement

You know when you’re ordering things from Amazon – things you really want – and they always seem to add up to about two quid short of the “free delivery” cut-off (which is currently ?15).? Well, I was looking at my Amazon wish-list, today, and, really, I’m an incredibly cheap date.? The entire first page is made up of items for under ?8, and there are eleven items that are under a fiver.? It’s just the sort of thing you need to pad out your order, and gain the smug satisfaction of knowing that you made Amazon send me a present, rather than pocket the delivery charge, making me happy whilst effectively costing you nothing.

Really, it’s a win-win thing, when you think about it.? Do think about it…

5 thoughts on “Public service announcement

  1. You won’t get me buying you stuff cos I don’t have to make the bill up…and I’ve ordered Back to the Future trilogy on DVD for ?9.99, how cheap is that!!!!

  2. That’s bargain! We got it from HMV after Christmas for ?14.99, and we were chuffed with that. Well done you! (Now you can spend a week watching BTTF movies, and knowing that they’re a bit rubbish, really, but that you really like them anyway…)

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